Modern Project Solutions |MPS| is a specialist Mechanical Asset Management company.
We understand how to Manage and improve your assets using smart solutions, Process optimisation and Maintenance support.


Our Projects


Our Team is strategically formed to offer expertise and personalised attention to our clients


Connecting People, Products and Processes

Our company is built on delivering smart and modern solutions for our clients. Supported by years of industry experience, we understand best, how to manage and control your assets using our innovative and digitally connected support solutions .

We are Delivering Asset Management Solutions through cost effective and Reliable Condition monitoring techniques and Mechanical Project Delivery.


Our team has proven history in designing, implementing and delivery high value Asset Management solutions. Its our smart approach in offering our expertise and personalised attention to our clients that gets the results.

Areas of Specialisation

- Asset Maintenance Strategy and Delivery

- Mechanical Inspections and Technical Reporting.

- Modern design and 3D Mechanical concept development

- Mechanical Systems and Asset Management, including ;

Asset Condition Monitoring and optimisation

Cloud based machine monitoring including vibration analysis, , Monitor machine conditions including temperature, pressure and flow rates to capture accurate data that can be used to optimize and protect your assets

Precision laser Alignment

Handheld Data Collection

Field Balancing of fans

Oil filtration and Sampling

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  60 Macrossan St, South Townsville 4810
ABN: 22 622 223 170
ACN: 622 223 170

MPS OVERWATCH ©. Self contained and online vibration, temperature, Pressure and flow to suit your requirements - CONTACT US FOR DETAILS

IRIS M Motion Amplification camera to measures deflection, displacement, movement and vibration not visible to the human eye. FIND OUT MORE


I have been closely involved with Adrian Part over many years in his capacity as a project manager and solutions professional. He has provided safe and practical outcomes that address all necessary legislation needs. He leads by example instilling higher performance, trust and transparency and complete integrity in those involved. His depth of knowledge and practical expertise is easily communicated to others
Dave Williams

Dave Williams

Manager Special Projects (Operations)- Queensland Sugar Limited


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